The Planet Tuna creative team at the Oceanographic Institute of Spain in Mallorca asked me to write a script for their new tuna research website. Did you know that tuna travel tremendous distances to reach the Mediterranean Sea? The 2.3 minute video will tell you more.



Why do some tuna swim thousands of kilometers through all sorts of dangers to reach the Mediterranean and breed in our waters? This is the sort of mystery that we scientists want to figure out, and share with you here on Planet Tuna.

Tuna are some of the most familiar fish in the world. It seems so normal to eat a tuna sandwich that we don’t stop to ask ourselves what we really know about these fish. Those of us who study them have made many interesting discoveries. But we still have a lot left to learn.

We’re all deeply connected to the ocean. And we need to take care of it together. For instance, we can make conscious choices about what to eat. But, we have to have enough information to do so.

The Planet Tuna team presents boatloads of knowledge using a creative blend as old as the sea: the meeting of art and science.

Our scientists explore what tuna eat, who their predators are, and how their larvae survive and grow. We also study ocean currents, the migration routes of these fish, and how they’re affected by climate change.

Our illustrators take you in for an up-close look at how tuna live and move in their watery worlds. They also apply their imagination to creating the visual environment we move through in Planet Tuna. Our local journalist finds just the right words to bring science stories to life. And our expert on plankton shares her love of teaching and of opening new minds to science.

The future of our diverse biosphere, including tuna, depends on what we do now. Come learn with us, and love with us, the ways of these great marine migrants through sound science, artwork, and a little fun. This is our mission, and our passion, here at Planet Tuna.


Diving Deep Into the World of Tuna    

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